Full View - Vuillard

Side View - Vuillard
The title of this painting is "Misia and Thadee Natanson" by Vuillard.

Our library has an annual book sale, and I was able to purchase several different copies of "Medaenas Monographs on the Arts". They were published in the late 70's and early 80's. The publications are filled with fabulous prints, just waiting to be framed.

The matting and the frame were picked up at separate yard sales.

Matting - VuillardThe double matting was in fairly good condition, just a little soiled. Since this size double matting is sooo expensive, I decided to try and give this piece a fresh look.

The outer matting was painted with two coats of "Metallic Antique Gold". Once it was dry, a dilited coat of "Glorious Gold" was applied. While the paint was still wet, I dabbed it with a crumpled up piece of Saran Wrap.

This removed some of the "Glorious Gold", creating a marbled effect.

The inner matting was painted with two coats of "Metallic Perodot". Once it was dry, I dabbed on "Glorious Gold" paint, using a piece of the crumpled up Saran Wrap.

All of the paints used are by FolkArt.

Frame - Vuillard
The structure of this frame was sound, but the finish was very worn. I first applied two coats of linen white paint.

To highlight the decorative carving, I rubbed on a light coat of "Grecian Gold" metallic tint. Then on the relief areas of the carving I used an "Olive Gold" metallic tint. The tint are made by Rub 'n Buff.

I apoligize that the pictures do not clearly show the effect of the green tint.



The first time I purchased the flat linen white paint was at K-mart. It was part of the Martha Stewart Line. Since then I have had it mixed at Home Depot. If you let them know the brand and name of the paint color, they can mix it for you. Lowes will probably do the same thing.


Rub 'n Buff by Amaco is magical. Most Craft Stores only carry the silver & gold, but there are many more wonderful colors/tints available.

The following are some Online suppliers I have located:
This place has great prices.
The prices are very good and they also have many other unique supplies. I plan to spend a little more time checking out this site.
Their prices here are not discounted, however, they do have a very good selection. Also, this is the only place I have ordered from. I plan to try the other places listed and will update this page when I have more information

Comments: If you have never tried the Rub n' Buff products, you are missing out on a "Golden" opportunity. This product, combined with Folk Art Paints can turn very plain and ordinary items into real "Gems & Jewels".

When you use the Rub n' Buff, it works best to apply it with your finger. The product has a wax base, so the body heat helps make the paint transfer more evenly.


FolkArt has a wide variety of metallic paint colors. You can find FolkArt Paint at Wal-Mart and Craft Stores. If you prefer to shop on-line has great prices.

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