Full View - Anaglypta Paper

I frequently discover spare rolls of wall paper at
yard sales, and this anaglypta paper was one of those finds.

We needed to create a space for our guests to sleep, since our extra bedrooms are used for office space. I found two twin beds,
and made covers and pillows to create a daybed look.

The most challenging part of this project was; "What do I place
above the daybeds, that will fit into the rooms decor,
and not make the space look like a bedroom ?"

I tried several different types of wall decor, but finally found
these large frames. The size was perfect, but what to put inside?
I didn't want to use the "expected" floral or botanical prints.

Front View - Anaglypta Paper

The structure of the frames was solid but they needed to be refinished to match the colors of the room. Alternating coats of Metallic Antique Gold & Metallic Pure Gold, were applied to the outer & inside sections of the frames.

Metallic Peridot was used on the recessed section. When the Peridot was dry, a diluted coat of the Metallic Antique Gold was applied, to soften the green & blend it with the rest of the frame.

Matting - Anaglypta PaperTo seal & strengthen the anaglypta paper, several coats of linen white paint were applied. I then blended different shades of green paint with the linen white, to achieve a soft green base coat.

For the next layer, Metallic Antique Gold was sponged on. To highlight the raised design of the paper, I applied a couple of coats of the Metallic Peridot paint.

The final step, in the painting process, was to dry brush all of the raised areas with the Metallic Antique Gold.

This is the type of project you really need to "play" with. If you don't like the colors or shading, just keep experimenting, after all it is only paper & paint!

All of the paints used in this project were made by FolkArt.

Frame - Anaglypta Paper

I wanted to give the pieces a dimensional appearance, so, I cut-to-size, two layers of batting and attached it to the backboard, then stapled the anaglypta paper onto the backboard. They were now ready to place inside the frames.

Frame - Anaglypta PaperSince my husband loves the vibrant colors of Mardi Gras, I added decorative masks to glitz up the wall art. The masks were attached using bright red & rhinestone vintage earrings.

This project took a few days, not because it required a lot of time, but I kept playing around with different ideas. The total cost was about $16.00.

The masks are part of Katherine's Collection which is a wonderful line of Mardi Gras items and unique ornaments. I was able to purchase the masks from a shop that was closing, so the value was fantastic.



FolkArt offers a wide variety of metallic paint colors. You can find FolkArt Paint at Wal-Mart and Craft Stores. If you prefer to shop on-line
has great prices.


The first time I purchased the flat linen white paint was at K-mart, it was part of the Martha Stewart Line. Since then I had it mixed at Home Depot. If you let them know the brand and name of the paint color, they can mix it for you. Lowes can probably do the same thing.

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