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The humble little Hat Pin is making a come back as a fashion accessory for your wardrobe & your home décor.

Set 1

You can pay lots of money for these little treasures & it is not easy to find them.

Or you can create your own, using Vintage Jewelry found at yard & estate sales and flea markets.

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Unique and elegant Hat Pins are so simple to create,
you only need a few supplies.

Set 6 - Hat Pins Set 7 - Hat Pins Set 8 - Hat Pins


Jewel Bond Glue
Hat Pin Shanks w/heads
Your Collection of Vintage Beads.

You will need to take your pieces of jewelry apart. I sort them according color and style, so it is easier to decide on a design.

Decide on your pattern, then, using a toothpick, place a small dab of Jewelry Glue to the top of the hat pin. I prefer to use the hat pins that have a head. As you add the rest of your beads, just place a dab of glue between each bead and one or two dabs at the bottom of the last bead. I usually hold the bottom bead in place for a couple of minutes to make sure the glues sets.

Salt Shaker

When my decorative pins are not in use, holding my hat in place, I enjoy displaying them.

Old salt shakers make fabulous Hat Pin Holders.

Vase Green Bud Vase

You can also use almost any style small vase or decorative bottle.

To hold the pins in place put some floral clay or foam, in the neck of the vase/bottle.


Hat Pins

Hat pins come in various lengths which range from 3" to 10". I mostly use the 6" or 8" shanks with heads and clutches.

I usually order my pins from Diane Ribbons in Phoenix, AZ. They only carry the 6" length, and do not have a website.

Their phone number is 602-271-9273 and the Fax number is 602-271-4011. They will ship. If you are ever in the Phoenix area, it is worth stopping by this Craft Warehouse. They have an amazing inventory and their prices are fabulous!

Every once in a while, I can find the longer pins on eBay.

Listed below are some Online resources. I have not yet ordered from any of these sites.

Jewelry Glue

You should be able to find jewelry glue in most craft stores, and Wal-Mart has it in their craft department.

Ways to use Vintage Jewelry:






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