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When I am out on my Trash-to-Treasure Hunts, I frequently find old mirrors, however, most of the time there is some damage to the silvering.

When I found this large oval mirror for $4.00, I just could not pass it up, even though the mirror had some flaws. It sat in my project closet for quite some time, before I came up with a plan.

Step one was to remove several layers of orange & green paint from the frame.

I then applied several coats of FolkArt Antique Gold and Solid Bronze paint, alternating the colors. To create a more aged appearance, I applied a diluted coat of Burnt Umber, wiping off the excess.

Full ViewNow, what to do with the damaged mirror. I tried frosting it but was not pleased with the look, so I removed the frosting and decided to try something entirely different.

I have a large stash of lace window panels and love the delicate designs. So I used one of the panels as a stencil. The mirror was cleaned with rubbing alcohol, and the lace panel was secured over the mirror. I then sprayed a light coat of white spray paint over the lace curtain panel stencil. Fifteen minutes later, a second light coat was applied. To accent the gold in the frame, a very light coat of gold paint was sprayed on in a few areas.

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The best part is when you pull off the lace panel.

I was so pleased with the "lace look" that I have used it on several different projects. Take a look at the "Lace Dinning Table", and the Floor Cloths Category.



FolkArt has a wide variety of metallic paint colors. You can find FolkArt Paint at Wal-Mart and Craft Stores. If you prefer to shop on-line
www.createforless.com has great prices.

The prices are very good, and they also have many other unique supplies. I plan to spend a little more time checking out this site.

Their prices are not discounted, however, they do have a very good selection. Also, this is the only place I have ordered from. I plan to try the other places listed and will update this page when I have more information.


When I need to strip a piece that has several layers of paint, on it, I use "Back to Nature Ready Strip". It works better than most strippers. I purchased it through QVC, however, you can order directly from them at

Ways to give Old Pieces a New Look:






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