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I have spent years trying to find a simple, effective & inexpensive way to keep my home smelling fresh and clean. I have used candles, incense, potpourri and fragrance rings. All of them were moderately effective, but not very convenient. Candles are a fire hazard, incense aroma is a little too heavy and too "hippie", potpourri oil does not last long, and can ruin the finish on furniture, and the brass fragrance ring can be very messy.

So, going against my frugal nature, I took the plunge (a $60.00 plunge), and purchased an authentic "Lampe Berger". I was thrilled when I first used it, however, I quickly realized,that if I wanted to use it on a daily basis, it was going to cost me a fortune. The fragrance is expensive, even the alternative brands.

Since the base of the fuel is a type of alcohol, I decided to use 91% isopropyl alcohol. It is very inexpensive, and can be found at most drug stores and Wal-marts. I just added a few drops of fragrance, or essential oil, to the isopropyl alcohol and my problem was solved. I have been using my "home-made" fuel for several months, almost on a daily basis, and it works GREAT!!

My Recipe:
Add 10 to 12 drops of your favorite fragrance or essential oil to a 16 oz. bottle of 91% Isopropyl Alcohol. I usually make up several containers at one time.

This is a list of DON'T's!!!
Do not add too much fragrance/essential oil, it may cause your lampe to smoke.
Do not use the 70% Rubbing Alcohol.
Do not use any paraffin based lamp oils, your house will quickly fill with smoke.

When I purchased my Lampe Berger, it was recommended that only the "Authentic" fragrance oil be used, to prolong the life of the wick. So, to solve that problem, I found an Online Store, which sells replacement wicks for $5.00. Please refer to the Resource section for more information. I have not had any trouble with the wick and my Lampe Berger is performing beautifully.

Fragrance oil can be found in craft stores and Wal-Mart carries it in their craft department.
I am using the "Florasense" brand. It comes in small 0.25 fl.oz. bottles and sells for $1.84 at my Wal-Mart. Just remember not to add too much of the fragrance oil to your 91% Isopropyl Alcohol.
The essential oils are usually available in Health Food Stores. I have also used perfume to make the fragrance oil.

If you like to shop online, try Snow Drift Farms. They have a wide variety of essential oils & fragrance oils. Their website is great, the prices are competitive, and if you decide to contact them, via phone, they are very pleasant to deal with.

The website for the Online store is:

If you are concerned that your wick will not last as long, another one may be purchased online for as little as $5.00. I ordered 3 spare wicks from Courtney’s Candles. The flat rate for shipping, for many of their items, is $5.00 to $6.00, so I decided to order additional items, to take advantage of the flat rate.

My experience with them has been very positive. I had a question and they responded right away and my items were shipped out quickly. They also have beautiful Lampe's at very reasonable prices.

October 2005
Update on Courtney's Candles.

My mother recently passed away, so I wanted to do something special for my three sisters. I ordered four Fragrance Lampes from Courtney's, and was delighted with my purchases, and the very quick delivery.
All of the Lampes were even more beautiful than the presentation on her website & the pricing is amazing. A one liter bottle of the oil is included with each lampe.

The website for the Online store is:

If you have any comments, questions or additional information, please contact me via email.

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