Romantic Night Light

Romantic Night Light

This night light is the bottom of a "Gone With The Wind" Lamp. I just placed a votive holder and candle inside the shade and it casts a gentle romantic light. Make sure that you do not completely cover up the hole in the bottom or your candle will go out.

Clip In Bulb Socket

You could also wire it with a small "Snap-in-Pigtail Socket" that holds a Christmas-Tree-
size light bulb.

Lamp Parts to build New Lamps

The metal base and top cap were a little worn, so I freshened up the finish on both pieces with Rub ‘n Buff Antique Gold, Jade and Chinese Red.

When I found this lamp it was just missing the top shade, I have used the metal rim that supported the top globe in another project called the "Tea Tray Table".

Rub 'n Buff by Amaco is magical! Most Craft Stores only carry the silver & gold, but there are many more wonderful colors/tints available.

The following are some Online suppliers I have located:
This place has great prices.
The prices are very good, and they also have many other unique supplies. I plan to spend a little more time checking out this site.
Their prices here are not discounted, however, they do have a very good selection. Also, this is the only place I have ordered from. I plan to try the other places listed, and will update this page when I have more information.

Comments: If you have never tried the Rub n' Buff products, you are missing out on a "Golden" opportunity. This product, combined with Folk Art Paints, can turn very plain and ordinary items into real "Gems & Jewels".

When you use Rub n' Buff, it works best to apply it with your finger. The product has a wax base, so the body heat helps make the paint transfer more evenly.

Ways to use old Lamp Parts:






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