New Lamp 1 New Lamp 2

The lamps on this page, were created using parts from old lamps found at yard sales, estate sales or auctions.

New Lamp 1
The etched glass base & center sphere used, were part of the same lamp. All of the other parts, except for the crystals, came from different lamps. The shade was in good shape, it just needed to be washed. The tear-drop prisms/crystals were purchased from Spectrum's.

The center threaded metal lamp rod was very rusted. This was a problem, since it could be seen through the glass pieces. To fix the problem, I applied a Gold Tint Finish by Rub ‘n Buff.

New Lamp 2

The urn shaped center of this lamp was in wonderful condition, however, the rest of the lamp was not so great. Luckily, I had a base that fit it perfectly, it just needed to be polished. I also had a finial that was the perfect color and design for this style of lamp. The lamp is sitting on a rose colored marble trivet, which I found at an estate sale. The shade was part of the original lamp and just needed to be cleaned.

New Lamp 3

This lamp is used in our kitchen as a night light.

The base was originally a gold tone. First I used a black primer, and then sprayed on a top coat of Krylon Copper Metallic paint.

The Frosted Tulip Shade was found at a local auction.To accent the shade, I added a strip of Copper Foil by MasterFoil.

New Lamp 4
This lamp is used as a night light in our Guest Bath. The crackle shade casts a beautiful glow throughout the room.

The glass base, gold tone shade holder, and crackled glass shades are parts of three different lamps.

Due to the design of the lamp, an inline switch cord was used.

This lamp was sooo easy to put together, and is the perfect fit for the space we have in the Guest Bath.

New Lamp 5I have had this lamp for several years. It was still in good condition, however, it needed some updating.

The original finish on the base was black, so I applied an antique copper Rub n' Buff finish & then accented it with tear-drop crystals.

The shade was found at a local yard sale, and just needed to be cleaned. The beaded fringe is a vintage lady's collar, also found at a yard sale. The ribbon at the top of the shade was dyed copper by painting it with a watered down antique copper metallic paint by FolkArt. To keep the ribbon soft, I added Textile Medium to the paint solution.

New Look For an Old Lamp in less then an hour.

Before the Transformation of the Lamp Before the Transformation of the Lamp Before the Transformation of the Lamp
This is a quick and easy project. I found the lamp base at a local Antique Warehouse liquidation. This was one of those fabulous sales, where the owner was almost giving items away! The base was in good condition except for the finish, and lack of wiring.   

After the Transformation of the LampAfter the Transformation of the Lamp
Step #1 was to clean the base with rubbing alcohol. I then applied an Antique Gold Rub n' Buff Tint.

When you use Rub n' Buff, it works best to apply it with your finger. The product has a wax base, so body heat helps make the paint transfer more evenly.

The white plaster spacer was not sealed, therefore, it had a dull finish. I used a diluted solution of Glorious Gold paint by FolkArt. To dilute the paint, faux glaze works well. For this application, I used one with a semi-gloss finish.

The Finished Product

The shade & gold bow finial were found at a local yard sale.

The shade did need to be cleaned. Check in the resource section for instructions.

The lamp also required re-wiring. If you have never done this, don't be afraid, it is very easy. Check in the Resource section for instructions from the Lowes website.

For only a few dollars and less then an hour of time, I have a charming new lamp; perfect for our front room.  


Most lamps are discarded because the nuts on the center threaded lamp rod/nipple have worked loose or have been striped, or the wiring goes bad. Both of these problems are easy to fix.

If the rod is loose, just tighten down the nuts or, if the rod is stripped, it can be replace.

The process of rewiring is also quite simple, for specific instructions, go the the Lowes website.

Creating your own lamps can save you lots of money, but best of all, you will have a “One-of-a Kind” treasure!!


Cleaning a Fabric Shade gives instructions for cleaning a fabric lamp shade. Once on the site click on the "Household" button, along the top of the page, then go to "Cleaning & Stain Removal".

Hint: I usually wash my shades in the bathtub/shower. When it is time to rinse, I just turn on the shower. I have never had any trim come off during cleaning and the shades come out beautifully.

Re-Wiring Lamps

If you decide you would like to repair a lamp, or create a new lamp with your found parts, has some basic instructions on "Making a Lamp". Click the search box, and type in "Making a Lamp". Always use a NEW socket, and wires.

Crystals & Prisms The company name is Spectrum, Home Furnishings, Inc. I have ordered crystals/prisms, and bobeches from this company. They shipped the items quickly, and the prices and selection are very good. They also have fabulous chandeliers at reasonable prices. You may want to check out this site.

Metallic Tint & Paints

The FolkArt Metallic Paint and Textile Medium can be found at most Craft Stores, and the Craft Department of your local Wal-Mart. If you prefer to buy online, the links below should also carry the FolkArt Paints.

Rub 'n Buff by Amaco is magical. Most Craft Stores only carry the silver & gold, but there are many more wonderful colors/tints available.

The following are some Online suppliers I have located:
This place has great prices.
The prices are very good and they also have many other unique supplies. I plan to spend a little more time checking out this site.
The prices here are not discounted, however, they do have a very good selection. Also, this is the only place I have ordered from. I plan to try the other places listed, and will update this page when I have more information.

Comments: If you have never tried the Rub n' Buff products, you are missing out on a "Golden" opportunity. This product, combined with Folk Art Paints can turn very plain and ordinary items into real "Gems & Jewels".

When you use the Rub n' Buff, it works best to apply it with your finger. The product has a wax base, so the body heat helps make the paint transfer more evenly.

Ways to use old Lamp Parts:






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