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In 1999, my husband and I decided to make a major change in our lifestyle. I closed my business, we put all of our possessions in storage and hit the road in our two 1979 Cadillacs.

If you are interested in reading about our odyssey click here:
 The Cadillac Caravan


Over the next three years, we “Coasted” along the Gulf Coast, and the coastline of Georgia and South Carolina. We traveled light, renting mostly furnished places, and staying in each location 4 to 8 months. This gave us time to get a sense of the area and explore all of the nooks & crannies. I would usually find part-time employment, and David was able to carry on his businesses via the Internet.

When we announced our plans, it came as quite a surprise to my family and friends, since I was a real “nester“. Most of the parties and holiday celebrations were at our home, and I loved everything about our former lifestyle. So the idea of putting most of our possessions in storage and living without all of those personal treasures that make a house a home, was hard to imagine.

What the heck! I had just turned fifty, and it was time to leave the comfort zone and “go with the flow”!


Much to my surprise, making this transition was very liberating! I soon discovered that it was not only quite easy to make a each place feel like home, but it was sooo much fun! Visiting the local thrift shops and yard sales, provided us with everything we needed, including additional clothing. When we were ready to move on to our next location, all of the items, we no longer needed, were donated back to the Thrift shops.

 Now that's "Recycling!"

The proverb, ”If you are in need, it will be provided” was becoming a reality. What a wonderful way to live, unencumbered by material possessions and letting go of the need to hoard or possess something, because “you may never find it again or you may need it someday". The universe has taught me that you will  find what you need  if you are patient and open to what is placed before you.

I believe this is called a
"Paradigm Shift"


After three years of “Coasting”, we decided it was time to to settle down, at least for a year. We  chose Galveston Island, Texas.

Well, one year has turned into three years and our love affair with this Island continues.

We are leasing a delightful 95 year old house complete with an equally old Live Oak tree & a white picket fence. We are only one block from the Gulf of Mexico, and the Galveston Trolley clatters by our house several times a day.

I was so excited, now I could really put my new paradigm to the test.

About two years into our Caravan, we decided  that we would sell most of our furniture & home décor items stored in Phoenix, keeping only some basic pieces of furniture.

Experiencing the paradigm shift did not mean giving up my appreciation for beautiful things, however it did mean giving up the need to possess and hang onto material things. I was ready to let go of control “going with the flow”.

Shortly after we moved into our charming house, I began making the rounds to the Thrift shops, auctions, estate sales and yard sales. I was able to find many pieces that just needed a little TLC to turn them into real Treasures. Within a few months we were comfortably set up.


Now that I had experienced the joy of turning Trash into Treasure, I couldn’t stop. It had become a passion. I kept finding wonderful gems and with just a little bit of work and creativity they could again become an object of  beauty & function. Our home décor is now in continual transition. We enjoy the treasures I find for a little while, and when I find something else, I move it onto the eBay shelves, and prepare it for auction.

Miss Jacquelyn's Trash to Treasure web page shares, with you, completed projects and many of the material and resources used.

Hope you enjoy the journey!


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